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Andrew's Subcritical Testing Handout from D.C. protest @ DOE

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 Written works:

RIG, RAD, RUN: Radiation Monitoring, Fukushima, and Our Nuclear DystopiaFootnotes for paperback version (updated; Word file)
U.S. sneaks in 'Vega,' its 28th subcritical nuclear test

Crossing The Line: Trafficking and Torture of Human Guinea Pigs in 1950s U.S.-U.K. Atomic Test Biological Experiments
'What Fukushima and Click-Bait Articles About It Have In Common: Neither Hold Water' (ebook essay)
U.N. Nuclear Weapon Ban May Be Last Exit Before Extreme Tolls for Humanity
Unreported by the Media: America's Nuclear Weapons Tests. The Truth is a 'Bitter Pill.'
A New Ointment to Treat Activist Burnout (or The Half-life of an anti nuclear activist)
Hanford: Where DOE Lies Run Deep And Nuclear Waste Runs Deeper
Obama's Oil Gusher Science Team Has "One Good Idea"
Fallout, Swine Flu, And A Pandemic Of Awareness


Comments on Draft Supplement Analysis/Nevada Test Site - May 29, 2008
Radiation advisory and warning to citizens living in or traveling through the American West - December 8, 2010
'Excluding EPA from nuclear checks worries residents near testing site' (Review Journal), 1998

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